Right-of-Way Acquisition Negotiations

Zoltan Consulting recognizes the importance of courteous negotiations. Our team of licensed real estate agents keep proper documentation and call logs during the negotiation process, which are equally important in the acquisition process to avoid any potential issues that may arise of the possibility of condemnation. We conduct right of way acquisition in conformity with the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Act.

Title Search

Our partners provides extensive title searches to make sure that the property is actually the owner so that the property can legally transfer without any problems. Or more importantly, the property is not subject to liens or encumbrances that would cloud title or prohibit transfer of clear title.

Appraisal Services

Our appraisers partnerships has over thirty years of real estate appraisal experience. Their opinion of the real estate and fair values of an appraised asset must be unbiased by using observations as well as relevant statistics, facts, and other information.


Zoltan Consulting, Inc., is proud to be certified as a Small Woman Owned Business by (SBA), the City of Atlanta and Fulton County as a Female Owned business (F/MBE), as well as DeKalb County as a Local Small Business Enterprise (LSBE). Founded and incorporated in the State of Georgia and headquartered in the metro Atlanta area, Zoltan Consulting Inc. is committed to “Quality Services | By Design”.


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