Zoltan Consulting Inc., a maintains powerful staff of qualified professionals and partners with experience the range well over 20 plus years and having extensive knowledge of the right-of-way acquisition process for all types of properties, residential, commercial, industrial, and government institutional, ranging from small to large. Combined with the construction schedule, the right-of- way phase plays a significant role in the let date schedule.

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Our Values

Zoltan Consulting, Inc., is proud to be certified as a Small Woman-Owned Business by (SBA), the City of Atlanta and Fulton County as a Female Owned business (F/MBE), as well as DeKalb County as a Local Small Business Enterprise (LSBE). Founded and incorporated in the State of Georgia and headquartered in the metro Atlanta area, Zoltan Consulting Inc. is committed to “Quality Services | By Design”.

Our professionals and partners have a combination of over 20 plus years in the real estate and engineering industry and have extensive knowledge of the right-of-way acquisition process of residential, commercial, industrial, and government institutional properties, ranging from small to large. Combined with the construction schedule, the right-of-way phase plays a significant role in the let date for construction. Therefore, it is extremely important that this phase is properly planned and understood prior to the notice to proceed.

We are certified by the Georgia Department of Transportation to negotiate through closing and other required certification obtained by our partners. Our promise is to work hard, commit to the client’s scope of services and take every opportunity available to see those ideas become reality.

Keeping proper documenting and call logs during the negotiation process are as equally important in the acquisition process to avoid any potential issues that may arise of the possibility of condemnation. We conduct right of way acquisition in conformity with the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Act.


  • International Right-of-Way Association (IRWA)
  • Certified Small Woman-Owned Business
  • Georgia Department of Transportation (Negotiations Thru Closing)
  • State of Georgia Real estate Broker
  • City of Atlanta Certified small business
  • DeKalb County Certified Local Small Business
Brookhaven Project


Carolyn Daniels

Carolyn J. Daniels

President & CEO

Carolyn has over 14 years’ experience in right-of-way acquisition and other land related services. She is responsible for new business development, daily operations, budgeting, and public relations for Zoltan Consulting Inc. Her areas of expertise include project management and business development. She has played an integral part in working with large municipalities in land development, roadway expansion, intersection improvements, bridge replacement, sidewalks, and multi-use trails projects in the Metro Atlanta area. She is a Qualifying Real Estate Broker and is an active member of the International Right-of-Way Association (IRWA), Atlanta, Georgia, Chapter 22.

Crystal S. Smith

Crystal S. Smith

Operations Managers

As operations manager, Crystal leads the firm in implementation of overall business management and development, communication, proposals and assist in day to day operations. She focuses on ensuring our administrative deliverables are consistent. Her accounting expertise ensures timely receivables are paid within the allotted timeframe. She is currently scheduled to sit for the Georgia Real Estate Agent exam.

Ramon Daniels

Ramon Daniels

Sr. Property Appraisal Advisor

Ramon is a Certified Real Property Appraiser in the state of Georgia and has been in the real estate appraisal industry since the 1997. He provides quality assurance for all project appraisals.


City of Brookhaven

Providing Right-of-Way Acquisition services

Cobb County Department of Transportation

Buckner Road Sidewalk consists of constructing curb and gutter with a five-foot wide sidewalk along the west side of Buckner Road

Rockdale County Sigma Road

Rockdale Department of Transportation, Georgia

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